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SUPPOSE TODAY WAS YOUR FIFTIETH BIRTHDAY. Half a century. Major milestone. And suppose that, at your little celebration dinner, some fairly trivial but startling occurrence made you suddenly aware of how completely you had wasted your entire life—though everyone, including you, had managed not to notice—until now.

Suppose you fled your own party in mounting existential panic, only to end up walking the city’s deserted streets at 2AM, trying desperately to think of some plausible way to outrun the inescapable consequences of a lifetime’s cowardice and folly.

Now suppose that, while wandering past the mouth of a darkened alleyway, you heard what might have been a mewling cat … or, perhaps, a child’s cry for help—and you were, for just one instant, confused enough to rush into the darkness imagining you might help.

That’s what Matt Rhymer did on the night of his half-century, and what was his reward? 

You’ll find out in my latest novel, TWICE—the first book (written, but not yet published) in my new urban fantasy series about Matt Rhymer and everyone else who gets dragged into the consequences of his very poorly thought-through dying wish. I’ll let you know right here as soon as TWICE is available, but in the meantime, you can…

Read an excerpt from ‘Twice’ online!