FAQ > The Book of Joby > Q: Wait a minute. Aren’t you an illustrator? Why the switch to writing?


A: Actually, I haven’t switched. I’ve added.

For me, both visual image making and writing are acts of storytelling, and, at the core, storytelling has always been one of my greatest passions. Anyone who’s ever spent more than a minute talking with me likely knows this. Pictures and stories have been two sides of the same coin for me since earliest childhood. The fact that I started making pictures for a living before trying to write professionally may have more to do with the fact that art seemed a slightly more viable ‘day job’ than writing did. But eventually I found myself wanting to tell larger stories, and tell them faster, than I felt able to in visual images alone. 

It’s a lot of work to seriously pursue two creative forms at once, and given the head start my art career had over my pursuit of writing, I’ve focused most of my attention for the past few years on writing—just giving it a chance to catch up. I did consider ‘switching’ for a while during that time, but the ‘artist’ in me has grown more and more insistent, and I know now that I cannot be content to indulge just one side or the other of that coin. I am committed to pursuing them together—as far as I can take them both. Two dogs pulling one storytelling sled, if you will.