FAQ > Color Cycling 8bit Art > Q: You make water moving, will you enence with moving foliages? King regards from Switzerland ;-)


A: If I interpret your question correctly, you are asking if I could do moving foliage as well as moving water?

If so, the answer is yes, I have done both moving grass and foliage using a similar technique to the one I use for moving reflections on the water. I’d start by edging the leaves in a one pixel wide line of two ‘clown colors’ - one clown color on the left sides of the affected leaves, and the second color on the right sides. Then I would use stencils to fill those edge lines with a moving gradient composed half of colors ‘matching’ the leaf color(s), and half of colors matching whatever background color(s)surrounded the leaves. As these bands of color moved along the edges of those leaves, they would cause the ‘core leaf shapes’ to seem to expand INTO the bands of moving color that matched the leaf, and shrink AWAY from the bands of color that matched the leaf shape’s surroundings. If I laid these gradients down carefully so that the bands of color all moved together in the proper way, all the outlined leaves would seem to ‘sway’ a pixel in one direction, then a pixel in the other - back and forth. If I syncopated the gradient fills in some parts of the foliage differently than in others, not everything would sway in the same directions at the same time, thus preventing my tree top from looking like a metronome.                                                                                                                                                         
I hope that explanation is at all comprehensible. As I mentioned, you can probably see this technique operating if you look carefully at the wavering reflections in the ‘Mountain Mirror Pond.’