FAQ > Color Cycling 8bit Art > Q: Can you convert these to animated GIFs? If not, why not?


A: For the most part, no, you can’t, (and how many times have I wished you could!), for the following reason:                                                                                                                                                                               
If the art you’re converting contains only very simple effects using nothing but cycling gradients that are ALL of exactly the same length, and ALL shifting palette positions at exactly the same speed, then yes, you could make one frame for each palette-shift iteration. But cycling art that uses only such uniform and synchronized cycling gradients and cycling speeds usually looks very rigid, and produces animations with the very noticeable and unattractive ‘pulsing flash’ that ‘color cycling’ is so sadly famous for, as brighter and dimmer color arrangements are repeated in regular lock-step on screen. Unless the effects incorporated in your image are VERY few, or VERY simple, some textures will NEED to use gradients that are very long and/or slow to look right, while others will require very short and/or fast gradients to function correctly. All these gradients of varying length and speed moving together produce a much smoother, less noticeably syncopated, and much more genuinely organic looking result, but also a virtually endless sequence of combinations before all iterations have been repeated. This means that your GIF might have to be thousands or even tens of thousands of frames, OR that your cycling image would go through some incomplete portion of its possible combinations before ‘jerking’ noticeably back to its initial combination when your GIF sequence ends prematurely. … Did that make any sense?