FAQ > Color Cycling 8bit Art > Q: Can you achieve this effect with 32-bit color?


A: Well, that depends on how you mean the question. Joe’s recent ‘experiment’ demonstrates that you can now run and display these images in such a color space. But if you’re asking about creating such art in a 32-bit space, I’d say the answer is probably not with currently available tools. You need to arrange, change, and keep track of, all kinds of specific gradients, and even specific pixels that share a single color - not just their positions on screen, but their positions and behavior in the palette. Can’t do that in any 32-bit space I’ve encountered. Most of the time there’s no really accessible ‘palette’ at all, and when there is, it’s ‘color families’ you’re controlling, not a single, isolateable color. All this is not to say that someone like Joe could not create a tool that at least simulated such micro-palette control within a 32-bit color environment - if there were a reason to try … or if they were just as gratuitously bonkers as both he and I occassionally are.