FAQ > Color Cycling 8bit Art > Q: Can I get the original LBM files? I'd like to port your example from Javascript to other languages. Are the image files copyrighted? Can they be converted to other formats, and used in a demo (givi


A: Thanks for asking. I do need to clarify that all of the images Joe posted, and most of the remaining body of my old color cycling work, were used in various published products during the 80s and 90s. Such art was invariably ‘work for hire’ and is thus all encumbered by copyright and licensing restrictions that render them unavailable for any commercial and/or unauthorized use even by me. As far as I know, neither Joe nor I have any legal right to use these images in anything but ‘display’ capacity.
As for porting such images to Javascript or other formats, you’ll have to ask Joe about that. While I am a reasonably talented artist and a creative and unconventional thinker, I am an astonishing techno-ignoramus. ‘Java’ is still, and always will be, coffee to me. :]